How often do you have the opportunity to be a part of something truly…epic?

This initial, developmental run of ODYSSEY gives us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hopefully give it a future life…but we can’t make it to opening night without your help!

We’d like to thank those who have contributed to the future success of ODYSSEY – their names are forever etched into the history of our show.

Rachel Austin
Alison Bennett
Adam Britten
Chris Britten
Nancy Britten
Darlene, Chris & Chris Campbell
Dave Chenell
Greg Cicchino
Emily Carson Coates
Gail Coates
Julie Comko
John Dagger
Tom & Lee Dagger
Angela Doolin
Mary Falkenstern
Carla Freshwater
Katie Fried
Jeff Gdowski
Aaron Goldberg
Todd and Cora Guren
Laurie Hymes
Eric Jarboe
Daniela Kelley
Alice Kindling
Anne Levy
Idee & Robert Linderman
Jennifer McIntosh
Tom Morrisey
Paul Rescigno
Robbie Rescigno
Ann & Barry Ridings
Claire & Alex Ridings
Karen Rozansky
Edward Santos
Mark Sass
Sharone Sayegh
Shawn Shafner
Dan Sheridan
Joe Tannenbaum
Michele & Chuck Tedrick
Rebecca Weiner
David Weissbrodt

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